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55 Days Till Summer: Get Fit & Fab! Week 1- Rachele’s Tear-Down Diet

By April 23, 2016December 7th, 2022Orange County

Rachele and I are at it again, this time with #FitFabForSummer. It’s 55 days till summer, ladies, and we’re all in this together to get fit, fab and have a fantastic season. Over the next six weeks, we’ll be getting beach-body ready with nutrition, training, tips and tricks in our wellness column, here exclusively on OC Mom Magazine. Who’s in? Let’s do this!

“We’re tearing down right now, mamas,” says Rachele Marsh, body expert, trainer and Body Whisperer for OC Mom Magazine. We’ll follow up with clean eating and training. Right now, is about changing habits. We’re BREAKING DOWN old habits; a huge reason to cleanse.

For some inspiration, here’s Rachele in a swimsuit. Also, know that she’s a mom, just like us—busy, multitasking and giving it her all. 

rachele mom trainer

For the next 10 days, what to eat:


  • NO DAIRY (even in your coffee)
  • NO OIL (maybe a little if the veggies are sticking to the pan– sssshhhh?)
  • Avoid starches (like potatoes, lentils, etc.) for the first 5 days
  • Steer clear of fruit also for the first 5 days (lemon, lime, grapefruit, avocado excluded). After that, limit to one piece in the am for the remainder of the time. (Note: we’re breaking down sugar cravings and stopping that cycle so that you can enjoy, process, and digest without problems moving forward. Also, chocolate cravings can be indicative of magnesium deficiency. More on that later.)
  • Add Pure Hawaiian Spirulina into your day (found at vitamin stores). Take it in tablet form with meals: 3 tablets, 2x day for ample protein levels.


Steps for success:

  • Plan your shop/prep day today and start tomorrow.
  • Break out a food journal for the next 2 weeks … or if you’re more seasoned, a body journal (to take note of how you are feeling, mood, energy levels, if headaches, etc.). This is not about guilt and shame. It is just about being aware; the entries might as well be 1’s and 0’s, like on a computer.
  • Take pictures in a swimsuit (no one will see them but you; it’s important to see your success!)
  • Start thinking about exercise and incorporating a routine soon (or amping things up to 5 days a week if you already workout).

Insider insight (text convo between Rachele and I):


  • Consider switching to Alkaline water, which has cleansing properties. (Check out The Water House in Dana Point, seen below, or the Water Brewery in Costa Mesa.)


That’s it! You have the tools, now take on the day—and the next 9 days! Stay tuned for next week’s WEEK 2 of #FitFabForSummer. And for more everyday inspiration, follow Rachele on Instagram.



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