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The 2016 OC Fair is all fun and games once more

By August 4, 2016December 7th, 2022Orange County

Some traditions are worth keeping. The OC Fair is one of those legendary must-see’s each year. And as your family changes, so do what you go to see and do. Some years, it’s all about the food. Other years, the gadgets. This year, the rides were right up there. And for many, it’s all about the food—every year. The 2016 OC Fair continues through August 14th, so get your OC Fair Face on before the fun ends if you’re still thinking about going. 13691122_10154344102906667_5929906060649568762_o

Personally, I love the night lights. Every single year, I still find it charming and am reminded of my Ohio roots and warm Indian Summer nights. There’s nothing like the Fair at night.

Our youngest was game-obsessed. So we played, and lost, but took home the memories—so it’s a win.


We put our Fair Face On, which was black tees, rock-n-roll and good ole (fairly) cheap fun.


A potato sack and slide down the big rainbow of kids’ dreams was just the fix after a hectic week. It’s the simple things that put all in perspective, you know.


A bubble blaster (that gets refilled free throughout the night!) was a big hit. You can buy one as soon as you walk in.


It’s all good once more at the 2016 OC Fair. “What, no food mention? Whaaaaaat” Nope, no food focus for us really this year. We had funnel cakes, ice cream, corn on the cob, churros, and then some, but it was more about the fun and games for 2016. I’m up ten pounds as it is, so I can personally tell you that you can hit the Fair without hitting the fried everything. That’s just the icing on the cake, should you choose to indulge.


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