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VIDEO: Cavalia kills it in LA. ‘Cirque with horses.’

By January 24, 2011Orange County

Have you heard of the show? Here’s a look at Cavalia from Opening Night/Media Night in LA, as well as my interviews with some of the cast riders and acrobats for Bask Magazine.

Now my look here is just a glimpse at the mystique. Cavalia, A Magical Encounter Between Horse and Human, is quite a complex show.

So is it indeed ‘Cirque with horses’ as many have dubbed it? Yes, the show was created by one of Cirque du Soleil’s Canadian founders, but it is different than other Cirques shows in several ways. With the element of animals under the Big Top, it’s more unpredictable, less perfected and more organic—all in an inspired, fluid, very natural way. To see the beauty of the unsaddled horses enter freely into the area is gorgeous. To know the unpredictable nature of horses is captivating.  And to see these powerful beasts perform with gentle human commands was quite inspiring. The mulitimedia backdrop that evolved throughout the show was also a very creative touch.

What was similar to other Cirque shows was the vast range of acts, from slow-moving and provoking to quick Western riding. Expect all from The Discovery to Bareback Riding to Trick Riding and Bungees Cavaliers, and each is executed with very artsy style. The live music was enchanting as well. The acrobats? Charismatically engaging as always, and uniquely brave to do such feats with horses.

So while similar and contrasting its sister Cirque shows in execution, the show overall dominated with its connection between human and horse. You knew these powerful beauties were deeply cared for, respected and honored in a poetic relationship rarely seen.

37 artists (acrobats, dancers, riders) from Canada, France, Morocco, Russia and more star in the show. And 49 horses, with 11 breeds from Arabian to Mustangs bring their best.

Over 2.5 million have seen the show around the world, and it’s on through February 14th, so you too have time. Prices are pricey, about $69-139 per ticket, but to see it is a gift.

Cavalia also offers VIP experiences, $159-$219, with dinner and backstage stable tours, if you’re an equestrian at heart or just want a closer look. 866-999-8111 for all show details and Cavalia tickets.


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