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Ultimate Family Vacations, Paris to San Diego

By March 5, 2012Orange County

I have a host of ideas including locales, tips, apps and more from around the globe. My feature story in the March issue of OC Family Magazine.

Picture this: You and your family lounging and laughing with everyone on “island time,” sipping something fresh and fruity. Who doesn’t love a good “Hey, we’re on vacation” vacation? The rules are bent, the chores are chucked and everyone gets a chance to reconnect and unwind as fond memories become etched in sand – or your getaway landscape of choice. TripAdvisor, the world’s largest travel site, says over 90 percent of Americans are planning to take more than two leisure trips this year, with 79 percent planning to spend $3,000 on their vacations.

My family and I tend to do the weekend escapes. But I must say that every time a dreamy Atlantis commercial comes on and that aqua eye-candy splashes across the screen, my whole
family starts dreaming of a long, lazy week in the Bahamas. So with Spring Break near, I hunted around for the best trips tips, apps, sites and getaways, from the U.K. to our own backyard. It’s time to break out the brochures, websites and passports, and let the planing begin.

Finish reading the full print story at, pages 94-98 or just click “Planning the ultimate family vacation on the cover.


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