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Party at the Bungalows at Pacific Edge Hotel

By August 29, 2013Orange County

It’s an OC venue unlike any other in the area, and a stylish way to celebrate all different occasions.

The oceanfront Bungalows at Pacific Edge Hotel are the place to party for Labor Day, a birthday, a company getaway, swank baby shower, anniversary … you name it. We celebrated my birthday at the Fox Bungalow and it was completely sea-sublime.

The Laguna Beach hotel offers the five Bungalows for day use. Take your pick from the edgy Fox Head retreat, the nautical gorjana & griffin pad, the serene Hobie and Tuvalu escape and more. The hotel gave the Bungalows to five different OC companies, and let them design as they so desire.

So grab your crew of eight, meet up at 11 am and party till sunset. You can chill on the patio and have cocktails beachside, play in the waves and enjoy in the privacy of your Bungalow. Located on the sand and adjacent to Pacific Edge’s infamous The Deck, the Bungalows are socially central to all.

The oceanside party pads are so unique, as they are far beyond a canvas cabana and a few poles. The hotel converted five hotel rooms, so each has a shower, kitchen, lounge area, flatscreen TVs, music hook ups, you name it.

Everything’s there, and everything’s on the menu—the Bungalows have all the platters you can imagine and a complete cocktail menu. Platter examples include the Mahi Mahi Taco Platter and Assorted Sandwich Platter to a Sliders Platter, Veggie Platter and Fruit & Cheese Platter. For party celebrations, consider a Pitcher of margaritas.

The five Bungalows include:

• Billabong
• Fox Head, Inc.
• Hobie and Tuvalu
• The Sleepy Hollow Group
• gorjana & griffin

To book a Bungalow, call 949.281.5720 or email For more information, please visit

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