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Epicurean A.M. shake up at Citrus Fresh Grill–new breakfast menu comes to Renaissance ClubSport

What?! Red Velvet Pancakes … at the once only 485-calorie-and-under fit eatery? I did a double-take, as the rosy platter of deliciousness whisked by me. I felt a little all-over tingle, was giddy by the surprise (that looked like the below), wanted to dive in—but didn’t even ask about it. Subliminally, it seemed like it must be a one-off, an exception for some “special” guest, an anomaly that I couldn’t get my mind around.


But then I got a glimpse of the new breakfast menu, and I learned of the culinary refresh at Citrus Fresh Grill and Lounge in Aliso Viejo. Oh, that explained it. Good for them to offer such new delights that many might not expect—as well as keep their classic 485-calorie offerings for those fitness-minded. (It is a gym, of course; a world-class gym that feels more like a hip club, but still a gym.)

On the menu, Citrus Fresh Grill and Lounge, complete with an exhibition-style kitchen, now offers these dishes among their new cuisine scene: Carnitas Benedict, Brioche French Toast, Carne Asada Chilaquiles, Loco Moco, of course Red Velvet Pancakes and more.


Breakfast is also bloody delicious with Rise & Shine spirits like the new Tito’s Lava Bloody Mary of handmade vodka and an uncommon gluten-free mix of non-gmo San Marzano tomatoes, imported spices and distilled water.


Cheers to the Lava Michelada too—a draft lager served with LAVA certified non-GMO san Marzano tomato bloody mary mix. Weekends bring even more lively libations.

Kids now get treated to delicious new fun also with a handful of flavorful choices. (But you know they’re going to be all about those new Red Velvet Pancakes! My kids already have breakfast booked in their minds this weekend). So enjoy, and somebody, pass the syrup!

Screen Shot 2016-01-14 at 5.45.09 PM

For Citrus Fresh Grill & Lounge reservations at Renaissance ClubSport, call (949) 330-5581. The modern hotel and world-class sports club resort is located at 50 Enterprise, Aliso Viejo, CA 92656.



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