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Family vacay not so far away. La Quinta Resort.

Family vacay not so far away. La Quinta Resort.

July 01, 2010

With summer on and kids out, escapes are are the rage. Question is do you staycay close or vacay far away? I personally don’t know anyone planning lavish trips to Hawaii, Florida, or (cough$, cough!) Europe. Those I know are all staying close. That said, here is a great, close getaway that feels big resort without a big luxe budget.

La Quinta is a hacienda hideaway 20 miles SE of Palm Springs and 2 hr. drive from OC. It’s lush (yes I said lush in the desert), as luxe as you want it to be, on 43 acres, has 800 rooms, 41 pools, golf, tennis and optional excursions like horseback riding, hot air ballooning etc.
And an overall quick downlow on the Resort:

Peak season is Feb./March, so now’s the time to snag key room rates ($150/night’ish). And if you are up for saving$, come cooler in tow, pack drinks and food and go picnic style to the pool, or head back to the room to dine anytime. With 41 pools, you always have at least 4 pools steps from your door.

Or you can splurge a little, enjoy The Spa, dine at Adobe Grill (authentic Mexican dining, see my video), grab cocktails at the main pool and go shopping (I hit Tommy Bahama for my new suit, see Whrrl below).

My gushes on the resort: it’s amazingly kid- & pet-friendly, the 41 pools were such a luxury (hop to the next if some kid’s crying, the hottie in the thong comes and sits down by your hubby, you’re suddenly amongst a family reunion, you get the idea), how it’s a massive resort yet really has an intimate feel—and I adored the night scene with warm breeze, margaritas and hacienda Plaza charm, video evidence:

My caveats and good-to-know’s: hello, it’s 105. If you can’t take the heat, stay outta the desert. If you stay in the water, it’s bliss (every pool is perfect temp). Bring your water toys, rafts, etc.; kids are welcome to use all. Also, it’s not just a family getaway, could be a Moms Weekend Away, Guy’s Golf Bromance Vacay or a Couples Retreat.

Also, here’s my whrrl look at more of the La Quinta Resort and some fun shots of my Lab, Teddy, who joined us (private dog rooms & dogs welcome everywhere there):

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